Why is beauty important? Why do we hike to watch sunsets and drive for miles to sit under a starry sky? Why are thousands of people journeying to Oregon to watch two celestial bodies overlap?


My mother always said “the state of one’s room reflects the state of one’s mind.”

I didn’t quite understand this until I got older and realized that the state of our environment very directly affects us on a mental and spiritual level. And it is the state of our mind that determines what we do with our surroundings. We are more likely to leave clothes on the floor if we had a bad day. The outward and the inward mirror one another.

It was this concept that I returned to while attempting to understand the importance of beauty. Like begets like.

Beauty draws us in, romances our soul. Whether gazing into the eyes of someone you care for, or the push and pull of ocean waves, there is an undeniable attraction to something beyond ourselves. Beauty draws us towards the transcendent.

What we are surrounded by matters. It directly impacts our state of mind. When we are surrounded by beauty and beautiful people, it leads us in the direction of a better state of being. Towards self-actualization.

Beauty, however, does not exist for it’s own sake. It is an arrow, a guide, to something greater. More on that in next week’s blog.

[photo by Devinography]


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