There is no internal suffering we endure without our own permission.

Our mental state of being is in our own hands. Nobody can make us feel anything unless we have first allowed it. That is to say, we only hurt ourselves.

How silly would it be if a person was wounded and instead of attending to her wounds, she let them fester in order to spite her attacker? Not only would that be ineffective, we would call her neurotic. Yet this is what we do with our hearts. We receive wounds from those around us and instead of focusing on our own healing, we do the opposite.

When we choose to believe that it is society’s fault, or our parents’, for how much things suck, we become immobilized, trapped. There is nothing we can do because we’re living in the consequences of others’ mistakes. This is utter nonsense. The only injustice we fall victim to is our own ignorance.

Our satisfaction in life is in no one’s hands but ours. We are the product of our own decisions. When we realize this, the chains break loose. It is true freedom to understand that we have complete control over only one thing: the self. That is all we need.

The individual has every ability to conquer his or her world. Every capacity to overcome fear, bitterness, anxiety, selfishness, anger, etc. is contained within the understanding of self-control. When we conquer our emotional reactions, we conquer suffering. Then it no longer matters what others do to us because they cannot take away our peace. It is the ultimate armor.

Our thoughts determine how we live. They are of critical importance to our happiness and success because they are the key to self-control. It is for the quest of conquering my thoughts that I created my brand. Every piece is a tool to remind us of what we strive towards; encouragement, fearlessness, wisdom, etc. Find your own tool and in effect, your freedom.

[Photo by Chris Shin]


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