Soul Spinach


There was always a craving, a want. Satisfaction never stayed so it was something to be chased. Have you felt it too? The hunger?

The soul is restless. It is relentlessly seeking completion. The soul, like the body, experiences growing pains, satisfaction, hunger, fullness, and the like.

We know from media what the perfect body looks like. We seek to attain it. We know what food will make us healthy, we go after it, but the soul? Where in magazines is the perfect soul depicted? How do we know what it looks or feels like?

As our body craves nutrition, our soul craves nurturing. By engaging in that which matures us, we feed the soul good food. It is found in wisdom and good habits that grow and strengthen our spirit, cultivating inner beauty.

It is my endless endeavor to seek out truths and provide my friends with soul food and tools by which to grow good habits (handmade items in my Etsy). As I delve into philosophy, art and literature I hope my work sparks some inspiration and enlightenment in a time when fulfillment is scarce.

Good food brings healing, growth and resilience. It is not sweet like candy or ice cream, rather it is cauliflower and spinach.

In my reading and meditation is my garden, raw and vibrant. In my writing is my kitchen, the stove on which I fry and sauté. So come and eat, taste and see.


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